Charter flights

Flying private charter gives you an excellent opportunity not to depend on the commercial flights or schedules, traffic jams or late passengers you do not even know. You choose when and where to go, how many friends or partners you can take with you. Privat charter – it is a freedom to live your rules!

We are gladly happy to provide you with full range of services of for your private flight

- whether you need a planes or a helicopter

- concerning services

- rent, practically for any purposes.

Working on the market for more than 10 years, we deeply your needs and expectations. That is why we work as a «one window» service provider.

helicopter 88888.jpgFINAM aero services includes (but not limited with):

What does it mean for you?

You just need to make one call and all the rest will be arranged by our managers.
No matter if it is a flight with a take off next 2-3 hours or souvenier delivery for your partner.

Our 24 hours working dispatch centre is always at your disposal!!!!!

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